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Maya's "Girl Power" Week
Maya, Miguel and friends celebrate Women's History Month

Las Tres Amigas
"Las Tres Amigas"
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Get ready for "Las Tres Amigas"!

Maya and her friends will be featured during "Maya's Girl Power Week." In honor of Women's History Month, PBS Kids GO! will show girl-power themed episodes all week beginning Monday, March 27 through Friday, March 31.

There will be five episodes starring Maya and her best friends, Maggie and Chrissie (a.k.a: Las Tres Amigas). Each episode will highlight the importance of friendship, following your dreams, and helping your community.

Check out these power-packed episodes with your friends!

March 27: Friends Forever?
When "Las Tres Amigas" have a falling-out and break up, Miguel and his friends think that could never happen to them. Soon, they all learn that even though they are different, their differences make their groups better!

March 28: Surprise, Surprise!
When all the preparations for Chrissy's surprise party go wrong, Maya goes the extra mile to make her friend's birthday the best.

March 29: Chrissy's Big Move
Chrissy becomes upset when she discovers that she will have to move to another country. Maya, Miguel, and their friends find creative ways to introduce Chrissy to a new culture.

March 30: Fashionistas
Miguel agrees to be in the school fashion-show. But when he discovers that the coach of the local soccer team will be there, he has second thoughts. Will he be able to make the team if the coach sees him wearing outrageous clothes in the show? Watch to see what Miguel will do.

Maya and her friends
Maya and her friends play soccer.
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March 31: Cheery Chipper Cupid Sisters
Maya and her friends join a fan club and begin to drive everyone crazy. It takes trying to find bird-napped Paco to make Maya realize that maybe she's taken this fad a bit too far.

Watch these cool episodes and celebrate Girl Power with Maya, Miguel and all their friends!