North and South Korea
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0 According to the map, what is the name of the channel between southeast South Korea and southwest Japan?
a. Yellow Sea
b. Yalu River
c. Korea Bay
d. Korea Strait
1 The Yalu River flows north, west, and southwest to Korea Bay. For several of its 501 miles, it runs along the border of which two countries?
a. China and North Korea
b. China and Russia
c. China and South Korea
d. South Korea and Japan
2 North Korea, South Korea, Russia, and Japan all have coastlines along which body of water?
a. Korea Strait
b. Korea Bay
c. Sea of Japan (East Sea)
d. Yellow Sea
3 In 1948, a border was created that separates Korea into North and South. At the conclusion of the Korean War (1950-1953), the border was made into a DMZ—a designated area that spans 1.2 miles wide on either side of the border. What does DMZ mean?
a. Deadly Zone
b. Demilitarized Zone
c. Demoralized Morale Zone
d. Demonic Mapping Zone
4 Although North Korea and South Korea are divided by political philosophies, the Korean people share a common history, culture, and language. They also live on a landmass that is surrounded by water on three sides. What is the geographic name of this landmass?
a. Korea Isthmus
b. Korea Peninsula
c. Korea Island
d. Korea Favela