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Student Journey Book

The excerpts in the Student Journey Book provide extensions and a deeper exploration of the lesson topics. The excerpts draw upon literature and history to encourage understanding about what is at stake in our world today, and promote student reflection as well as critical thinking.

  1. Who Am I? Who Are You? (PDF) — Understanding Our Unique Identities
  2. Who Are We? (PDF) — Understanding the Groups and Communities of Which We Are a Part
  3. What Is Your Opinion? (PDF) — Learning How Points of View Reflect Our Identities
  4. What Would You Do? (PDF) — How Points of View Affect the Ways We Respond to an Event
  5. Understanding Others (PDF) — How Events Affect People Around the World in Different Ways
  6. Caution: Stereotypes Ahead (PDF) — Understanding Others Means Not Making Generalizations
  7. Breaking Down Stereotypes (PDF) — Stereotypes Deny an Individual’s Identity
  8. Bullies, Victims, and Bystanders (PDF) —Understanding the Dangers of Where Stereotypes Can Lead
  9. Limits (PDF) — Recognizing the Injustice of Discrimination
  10. Our Choices, Our Consequences (PDF) — Making a Difference Means Taking Action

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