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The lessons in One World: Connecting Communities, Cultures, and Classrooms program help teach students fundamentals in diversity, respect for others, and building communities. Although the lessons can be taught independently, each builds on the next, developing skills to promote empathy, dialogue, and respect for diverse opinions. The corresponding Student Journey Book excerpts provide extensions and a deeper exploration of the lessons topics. The excerpts draw upon literature and history to encourage understanding about what is at stake in our world today, and promote student reflection as well as critical thinking.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 & Reproducible: Getting to Know Ourselves
Student Journey Book Connection 1: Who Am I? Who Are You? (PDF)

Lesson 2 & Reproducible: Identities Within Groups and Communities
Student Journey Book Connection 2: Who Are We? (PDF)

Lesson 3 & Reproducible: Everyone Counts: Diverse Perspectives Shape the World
Student Journey Book Connection 3: What Is Your Opinion? (PDF)

Lesson 4 & Reproducible: Events as Catalyst/Trigger for Response or Non-Response
Student Journey Book Connection 4: What Would You Do? (PDF)

Lesson 5 & Reproducible: The World Responds
Student Journey Book Connection 5: Understanding Others (PDF)

Lesson 6 & Reproducible: Caution: Stereotypes Ahead!
Student Journey Book Connection 6: Caution: Stereotypes Ahead (PDF)

Lesson 7 & Reproducible: Breaking Down Stereotypes
Student Journey Book Connection 7: Breaking Down Stereotypes (PDF)

Lesson 8 & Reproducible: Bullies and Bullying: Deconstructing Events
Student Journey Book Connection 8: Bullies, Victims, and Bystanders (PDF)

Lesson 9 & Reproducible: Learning the Limits of Behaviors
Student Journey Book Connection 9: Limits (PDF)

Lesson 10 & Reproducible: Choices and Consequences
Student Journey Book Connection 10: Our Choices, Our Consequences (PDF)

Lesson Extension 1: The 2004 Tsunami: Short-Term and Long-Term Effects
Extension Activity 1: Responding to the 2004 Tsunami (PDF)

Lesson Extension 2: Building Classroom Community by Helping Others
Extension Activity 2: Strengthen Your Community (PDF)

Lesson Extension 3: Commemoration and Choices
Extension Activity 3: Understanding Commemoration (PDF)

Lesson Extension 4: Building a Health Classroom Community
Extension Activity 4: On the Move! (PDF)

Lesson Extension 5: Around the World with Food
Extension Activity 5: Around the World with Healthy Foods (PDF)

Lesson Extension 6: Gathering and Clarifying Facts: KWL Chart
Extension Activity 6: Gathering and Clarifying Facts: KWL Chart (PDF)

Lesson Extension 7: Understanding Events: Oral History
Extension Activity 7: Understanding Events: Oral History (PDF)