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Ed Bradley on Leadership
Famous TV journalist talks to Scholastic Kids Press Corps.
By Madhuri Vastare
Scholastic Kids Press Corps

Ed Bradley talks with Scholastic News Online
Ed Bradley talks about leadership with Scholastic News Online.
(Photo: Suzanne Freeman)
Ed Bradley, an award-winning journalist from the CBS investigative news program "60 Minutes" recently spoke to Scholastic Kid Reporter Madhuri Vastare about what it takes to be a leader.

Q: Are leaders made or born?
Bradley: I think they're born, and then some do more with their lives than others. That's kind of like what comes first, the chicken or the egg. Some people are born leaders, and some people learn to be leaders, because of the circumstances they are thrust into. There are some people who just come into it naturally. In your class, I am sure there are people who are leaders and then there are girls and boys who are followers, and those leaders are born leaders. But, I am sure that there are kids in your class who will develop into leaders, because they will be put into positions where they have to rise to the occasion of leadership—where they seize that opportunity—and there are some who won't.

Q: What are the qualities of a great leader?
Bradley: I think vision, the ability to relate to people, to reach out to people. A certain amount of charisma doesn't hurt and a certain amount of honesty in being able to present what he or she feels and to be perceived as a man or woman who is of their word.

Q: How can kids develop their leadership qualities?
Bradley: By taking opportunities in classroom activities and play activities. By being someone who chooses a team, who volunteers for things. You say, "I'll lead or I'll head that project." Be someone who's going to be first up. You have to step forward rather than hang back.