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In honor of Earth Day 2002 on April 22, Scholastic News Zone is exploring the world of the rain forests. While searching through our site, don't forget to check out these great features:

  1. Live Interview Online with young scientist Eve Nilson. Send in your questions here for the April 23 interview.
  2. Pop-Up Picture of rain-forest facts. Click on the items to find which rain-forest plants help make that product.
  3. Rain-forest map with score-yourself questions from Scholastic's Mapman™ Jim McMahon.
  4. Learn all about 15-year-old scientist Eve Nilson.
  5. Teachers, click here for reproducibles and lesson helpers for using Inside the Rain Forest in your classroom.

Banner photos: Parrot snake, Sandy Wiseman; howler monkey,; phantasmal poison dart frog, John Netherton.