Mapman Rainforest Quiz

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For each question below, fill in the circle next to the correct answer.

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1. According to the map, which two continents do not have tropical rain forests?
a) Europe and Africa
b) Europe and South America
c) Europe and Asia
d) Europe and Antarctica
2. The world's tropical rain forests are located between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, and what other line of latitude?
a) Arctic circle
b) Antarctic circle
c) Equator
d) Prime meridian
3. Located in South America, the Amazon rain forest is the largest in the world. It covers about 1.9 million square miles. Which one of the following countries can fit inside its boundaries?
a) Afghanistan
b) Pakistan
c) India
d) all of the above
4. Since the late 1700s, almost 75 percent of Australia's tropical rain forest has been cleared. In which part of country will you find the remaining area of rain forest?
a) northeast
b) southeast
c) southwest
d) central
5. Asia's diverse tropical rain forest has undergone massive clear-cutting over the last 25 years. Which one of the following statements best explains this environmental problem?
a) Asia has more rain forests than South America.
b) Most of Asia's rain forests are located on its large southeastern islands.
c) Asia has no remaining rain forests.
d) None of the above.