Rain-Forest Quiz

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For each question below, fill in the circle next to the correct answer.

Good luck!

1. What do botanists study?
a) plants
b) animals
c) the environment
d) marine life
2. Nepal is home to the world's tallest mountain. Which mountain?
a) Mount Kilimanjaro
b) Mount Everest
c) Mount McKinley
d) Mount Rainier
3. Eve Nilson spent last summer studying frogs in the Mata Atlantica. Where is Mata Atlantica?
a) Brazil
b) the United States
c) Paraguay
d) Costa Rica
4. Frogs are nocturnal. What does nocturnal mean?
a) mostly active during the day
b) mostly active in the rain
c) mostly active in hot temperatures
d) mostly active at night
5. Every 10 seconds, how many acres of rain forest are destroyed?
a) 25
b) 10
c) 50
d) 15
6. Many of today's medicines come from which of these rain-forest features?
a) plants
b) animals
c) rain
d) soil
7. Which of the following has NOT contributed to the destruction of the rain forest?
a) mining
b) cattle ranching
c) fishing
d) farming
8. How many acres of rain forest still exist?
a) 3.5 billion acres
b) 6 billion acres
c) 2.5 billion acres
d) 5 billion acres
9. Tropical rain forests grow near which of the following?
a) North Pole
b) Atlantic Ocean
c) Equator
d) Arctic Circle
10. Most of the world's rain forest is located in Latin America, Asia, and this continent.
a) Antarctica
b) Europe
c) Africa
d) Australia