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Word Game

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words, listed below. Use the glossary if you need help with definitions.

  1. ecosystems
  2. nocturnal
  3. biodiversity
  4. botanists
  5. threatened
  6. poachers
  7. conservation
  8. deforestation
  9. medicines
  10. culprit

1. A team of ____________ trekked deep into the rain forest to study different plant species.

2. Many ____________ groups are working to preserve the world's rain forests.

3. Humans are the main ____________ for the disappearing rain forests.

4. Illegal hunters, or ____________, stalk the rain forest at night looking for animals.

5. Brazil's Mata Atlantica is one of the most ____________ rain forests in the world.

6. Farming, mining, and cattle ranching have led to ____________, or the cutting down of rain forests.

7. Rain forests are some of the most complex ____________ on Earth.

8. Many of today's ____________ come from plants in the rain forest.

9. Destruction of the rain forest limits ____________, or a wide variety of animal and plant life.

10. Many scientists do their research at night because the animals they study are ____________.