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Smoozing With Smoosh. . .
Two young sisters turn their musical talents into a band called Smoosh.

By Sky
Scholastic Kids Press Corps

Sky gets the scoop on Smoosh musicians Asya and Chloe. (Photo: Courtesy of Sky)

When playing tag, laughing, talking or jumping on their backyard trampoline, Asya (Asy) and Chloe seem like pretty normal 11 and 13 year old sisters. Let me tell you. When you put Chloe behind her drums and Asy on keyboard, they are anything but normal.

This sister band, Smoosh, is a hard driving indie-pop-rock-band, opening for such super talents as Pearl Jam, The Presidents of the United States, and Death Cab for Cutie. They recently returned from spending their winter break from school on a West Coast tour with Mates of State and Aqueduct. They played concerts in major cities from San Diego back to Seattle, getting back just in time to return to school when break was over. They recorded a CD "She Like Electric" (named for the effect they got jumping on their trampoline). It was released by Pattern 25 Records.

I caught up with Smoosh recently as they were setting up for a benefit concert called "Kids Helping Kids." They and the students at John Hays Elementary School in Seattle, Washington, with the support of The Showbox owner Jeff Steinchen, raised roughly $6,000 dollars for tsunami victims.

I got to hang out with Asy and Chloe before the show. We ate some pizza, and they told me a little about themselves. We have some things in common. We are all sponsored by Jones Soda Co. Also, I skated in their music video for their song "Rad." It was filmed for "Kids Who Rip" by Rod Parmenter.

Here's some of the conversation I had with Smoosh.

Sky: How did you get into music? How old were you when you started?
Chloe: When I was 6 years old, Asy was 8, we were at the music store where my dad was going to get his violin restrung. We went upstairs to the percussion room and met Jason McGerr, the drummer for Death Cab for Cutie. He is a teacher at Seattle Drum School. I got a drum set and Jason said he would teach me.
Asy: I took piano lessons from a few teachers for short times, but I quit after a few months because I wanted to write my own music and I hated doing the same thing over and over.

Sky: What does music mean to you? How do you describe your sound?
Asy: Music is so much fun and we have had all these really cool experiences. I would say that music is a great thing to get into.
Chloe: We are an indie-pop-rock band.

Thanks to their band, Smoosh, sisters Asya and Chloe have a fan base that continues to grow. (Photo: Courtesy of Sky)

Sky: What other music do you listen to?
Asy: Smashing Pumpkins, is the last CD we bought, Nirvana and Sleater Kinney.
Chloe: Death Cab for Cutie. If we didn't know Jason we wouldn't be a band.

Sky: Are you into extreme sports? If you could choose one to do what would it be?
Chloe: Soccer! Hey, that can be extreme! We both play select soccer for Emerald City Football Club. I'd like to learn to skate though.
Asy: We snowboard. It's fun.

Sky: Do you have any extreme-sports idols?
Asy: You, Sky! Like you are the only one we know.
Sky: You've opened for some major bands. Do you have a favorite? What about any funny backstage stories?
Asy: Pearl Jam was really cool. The guys in the band were just really nice. On this last tour we had Still Flying open for us. That was cool.
Funny stories, hmmm? I guess when I accidentally elbowed Chloe in the eye right before a show. She was cut and needed stitches, but we still played. Well it wasn't funny then, it was kind of sad, but now we laugh.

Sky: You just got back from a weeklong tour. What was the best part of your trip? How do you keep up with school when you are out of town?
Asy: The best part of the tour was getting to play on the beach. I mean just playing, not music. We had a blast playing music too.
Chloe: We have to just take our schoolwork with us. This tour was over break. We planned it that way. We just ask our teachers for our work and do it on the road. Our parents help us when we need help with something.

Sky: What are your goals for the future?
Asy: Keep doing soccer, playing music, and school.

Sky: Do you have any advice for someone just starting out in music?
Asy: Keep playing if you think it's fun.

Sky: How can fans find out more about you and get a hold of you?

Want to see Smoosh and Sky in action? Check out the music video they worked on together.