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Take this quiz and score yourself to see how you did.
For each question below, fill in the circle next to the correct answer.

Good luck!

1. Which of these was NOT included in President Bush's new space plan?
a. Robots will be sent to Venus.
b. Robots will be sent to the moon.
c. Humans will be sent to the moon.
d. Humans will be sent to Mars.
2. A team of _____ will be sent into orbit to help scientists learn about Mars' gravity.
a. rabbits
b. gorillas
c. mice
d. dogs
3. A day on Mars is _____ longer than a day on Earth.
a. 12 hours
b. 15 minutes
c. 2 hours
d. 40 minutes
4. The Earth's _____ is the force that keeps people from floating away.
a. rotation
b. gravity
c. axis
d. atmosphere
5. Looking into a recent image taken by the Hubble Telescope is like stepping into a _____.
a. time machine
b. whirlpool
c. black hole
d. vortex
6. ____ is also known as the Red Planet.
a. Jupiter
b. Mars
c. Saturn
d. Mercury
7. The ____ Telescope will soon stop operating.
a. Deep Space
b. Webb
c. International
d. Hubble
8. ______ encourages kids to celebrate the skills involved in space exploration.
a. Astronaut Day
b. Intergalactic Day
c. Space Day
d. none of the above
9. Fifth-grader Kari Stausmire has started a project called "____ Hubble."
a. Stop
b. Sell
c. Save
d. Buy
10. Many astronauts spend years studying _____.
a. technology
b. engineering
c. physics
d. all of the above