Scavenger Hunt Answer Key
  1. More than 1 million athletes around the world benefit from participation in Special Olympics.
  2. Timothy Shriver
  3. Yes, it was announced on June 4 that athletes from China and Canada would be able to participate in the Games. Ireland had at first banned athletes from these two countries because of the SARS scare.
  4. Special Olympics and Paralympics are two separate organizations. Special Olympics is unique in providing sports opportunities for individuals with learning disability at all levels. Paralympics provides sports opportunities for elite athletes with physical handicap. The Special Olympics World Summer Games takes place the year before the Olympic Games, while the Paralympic Games are conducted immediately following the Olympics.
  5. In keeping with Final Leg tradition, the Final Leg team will carry the Special Olympics 'Flame of Hope' to Croke Park on June 21 for the Opening Ceremony of 2003 Special Olympics World Summer Games. The Torch will then be handed over to a Special Olympics athlete who will light the cauldron at the Opening Ceremony, marking the opening of the Games.