Scavenger Hunt
You'll need your Web-searching skills to play this game!

Use the links below to find answers to the questions. We will take you to the home page, but sometimes you may have to go at least one more click to find the information on the linked site. Write your answers on a separate piece of paper, or click here (PDF) for a printable activity page.

1. How many athletes around the world participate in Special Olympics?

2. Who is the president of Special Olympics?

3. Will athletes from SARS-affected areas of the world be allowed to participate in the Special Olympics Games in Dublin, Ireland?

4. Answer this most-frequently asked question: What is the difference between Paralympics and the Special Olympics?

5. On what day will the "Flame of Hope" be handed over to a Special Olympics athlete to mark the beginning of the Summer Games in Ireland?

Click here for the answer key.