Emerald Isle World Game

Test your knowledge of the Emerald Isle. Print out this page, and fill in the blanks with the words below.
  • mutton

  • Celtic

  • Gaelic

  • France

  • Shannon

  • famine

  • peat bogs

  • colonists

  • Potatoes

  • literature

    1. The River __________________ , the longest river in Ireland, has been made navigable by a system of canals linking it with the Irish Sea.
    2. Many of Ireland's old lake basins are filled with __________________ , which supply fuel in the form of turf, or peat.
    3. Ireland's most important field crops are oats, __________________ , barley, wheat, turnips, and sugar beats.
    4. Irish stew is made with __________________ , which comes from sheep, and potatoes.
    5. Irish is the language spoken in Ireland. It is also known as __________________ , one of the oldest languages in Europe.
    6. Most Irish people are descended from the Gaels, a branch of __________________ peoples who migrated from the European mainland more than 2,000 years ago.
    7. Irish writers who won fame in __________________ , poetry, and drama include William Butler Yeats, James Joyce, and Samuel Beckett.
    8. The Celts came from the region known as Gaul, now called __________________ .
    9. From 1845 through 1848, a fungus attacked the potato crop and wiped out the food supply for more than half of Ireland's people. About 1 million Irish died of hunger and disease during the __________________ .
    10. English __________________ settled in Ireland in the 1100s, creating a strife between Protestants and Catholics that still exists today.

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