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0 How many athletes will compete in the 2003 Special Olympics Games?
a) 7,000
b) 400
c) 6,367
d) 10
1 What other countries have hosted the Special Olympics?
a) None, Ireland is the first country outside the U.S. to host.
b) Germany, France, and Italy
c) Ireland is the only country to ever host the Games.
d) the U.S. and Canada
2 What's the difference between the Paralympics and the Special Olympics?
a) Nothing, they are both the same, just held in different years.
b) Paralympics is for parasailing only.
c) Paralympics is for physically handicapped athletes, while the Special Olympics is for athletes with mental disabilities.
d) Paralympics is held after the Olympic Games and is for athletes with mental disabilities.
3 Where was the first Special Olympics held.
a) Dublin, Ireland
b) Chicago, Illinois
c) New York, New York
d) San Antonio, Texas
4 Special Olympics athletes say participating in the Games is about __________.
a) winning
b) traveling to exotic lands
c) achieving your personal best
d) beating other athletes
5 What is a philatelist?
a) baseball-card collector
b) a modern philosopher
c) stamp collector
d) Special Olympics enthusiast
6 Where does the Special Olympics torch run begin?
a) New York, New York
b) Dublin, Ireland
c) Antarctica
d) Athens, Greece
7 Which of the following sports is NOT in the Athletics division?
a) 100-meter dash
b) hoola-hoop
c) marathon
d) hurdles
8 Which of the following sports does NOT use a ball?
a) bocci
b) bowling
c) tennis
d) equestrian
9 What is soccer called in the Special Olympics?
a) football
b) kick ball
c) goal ball
d) soccer