Namibia Team Adjusts to Irish Weather
By Freda Kambangula, 14, and Chantal Van Wyk, 13
Scholastic News Online Student Reporters, Namibia

Global Youth Summit participants from Namibia, Chantal Van Wyk (center), 13, and Freda Kambangula (right), 14, interview Soccer Coach Raymond Muyunda of Namibia. (Photos: Charles Nyambe)
June 28—Coach Raymond Muyunda currently works in the Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia, as a Special Olympics head soccer coach. Raymond, 31, has been involved in Special Olympics for four years.

During his week in Ireland, he said he has been impressed with the hospitality and beautiful green landscape. His soccer team has pleased also. They had to become accustomed to the wet, cool Irish weather. Raymond has been giving long warm-up sessions to his squad before every game. Because of the low temperatures, the players need a longer time to warm up their muscles.

Freda Kambangula, a Global Youth Summit partner, attends Raymond's after-chool soccer sessions in Namibia.

"I am so proud to be represented by my coach in the Games in Dublin," she said.