Tennis a New Love for Andrea Wemhoff
By Andrew Royal, 17
Scholastic News Online Student Reporter, Missouri

Andrea Wemhoff, Team USA, shows off her silver medal for competition in individual skills tennis. (Photo: A.J. Hellickson)
June 27—Andrea Wemhoff waited a long time for this well-deserved medal. She has been competing in Special Olympics for many years, but tennis is a new sport for her. When she began tennis three years ago she never believed that she would be taking home a medal from Special Olympics World Games in Dublin, Ireland.

Previously, Andrea participated in basketball, bowling, track and field, and golf. Now her favorite sport is tennis. She attributes her big win to daily practice.

When asked if she was proud of her medal, she replied: "Oh, yeah!"

"I like doing the ups and downs in tennis, that is what I call the racket bounce," Andrea told Scholastic News Online. "I like my coach Kathy Meyer, and I am glad we are here."

She has also enjoyed meeting the many stars attending the Special Olympics World Games.

"Maria Shriver was the best!" she said.