Special Olympics Makes Special Friends
By Tyler Straughn, 18, and Dustin Hargrove, 18
Scholastic News Online Student Reporters, Tennessee

June 22—Today we visited the football venue at the 2003 Special Olympics World Games. We met Cody Schaitt, 17, and Ross Clubb, 20, both of Texas.

Cody has been involved with Special Olympics for more than two years. He said he became involved "because he loved making people fell good about themselves."

Ross has been involved with Special Olympics for five years. He started out playing soccer. A friend later got him involved in both volleyball and basketball.

Cody and Ross meet while training for World Games. They have been training together for over a year. Although Cody and Ross do not attend the same school, they have become good friends through Special Olympics.

One of Cody's greatest pleasures is helping the athletes have fun and enjoy the game. When asked how he would broaden the Special Olympics appeal, Cody stated he would make films of the many different sporting events and show them to high schools across the United States.

Without having the experience of Special Olympics, these two athletes would not have grown to be such great friends.