Injured Athlete Roots for Team USA
By Tyler Straughn, 17, and Dustin Hargrove, 17
Scholastic News Online Student Reporters, Tennessee

Roller skater Danyelle Borba meets Muhammad Ali during his tour on June 22.
June 23—Danyelle Borba broke her foot roller-blading recently. The event was a potential heartbreaker for the 18-year-old Californian. She broke her foot while practicing for the Special Olympics World Games, two days before the Games began on June 21.

"I will take all my energy and encourage my teammates even more," Danyelle said when asked how she would handle the disappointment of not competing.

Her teammates say they will repay her good sportsmanship by dedicating any medals they win to her. Semonee Dejean, 19, and Lisa Colmenares, 27, say Danyelle is one of the best skaters on the team.

"We want to dedicate our medals to Danyelle when we win, because she has been such a strong leader and given us such encouragement," they said.

The roller-blading team from Antioch High School in California said that everyone has supported them and encouraged them to do their best in the Special Olympics.

"The World Games is the most wonderful event in my life," Danyelle said. "I love all the fun and meeting new people. The Special Olympics World Games is a once in a lifetime chance and I am not going to let my broken foot keep me from having the time of my life."