A Hero in Life and Sport
By Salah Hamed, 14
Scholastic News Online Student Reporter, Egypt

June 22—Ibrahim Gaafar ElZeni is a unique person. He comes from Saudi Arabia. He is 24 years old, but he is responsible for his own family of eight brothers and sisters. His father doesn't work because of an injury. Ibrahim is employed in a workshop so that he can support his family.

Ibrahim is also an athletic champion. He has been participating in the Special Olympics for eight years. He has won many gold and silver medals at many competitions. His favorite athlete is Himdan ElBeishy, who is a famous athlete in Saudi Arabia. He hopes to be like him someday.

Ibrahim has a great will to be a famous athlete in the world. His coach says that his skills may enable him to participate in the Olympic Games.

Even though he has great responsibilities, he wishes to marry and have a family. I was amazed that I have found a great spirit in Ibrahim, which I haven't found in other people.