Striking Up the Gold
A.J. Hellickson, 17
Scholastic News Online Student Reporter, Missouri

From left to right: Teresa Keane, Keira Joyce, and A.J. Hellickson
June 26—According to Keira Joyce's mother, the 19-year-old bowler from Ireland is very shy and easily intimidated. It took only a strike in her fourth frame of the game, however, for that shyness to disappear. She responded with a high five, a big jump of excitement, and a large smile.

Keira began Special Olympics when she was 9 years of age and has enjoyed bowling, equestrian, and table tennis. So far at the Special Olympics World Games in Dublin, Ireland, she has won a gold medal in singles competition and a bronze medal in team bowling. She is expected to win the gold in her doubles competition today.

Doubles-team bowling finals at Blanchard town.
Keira became interested in bowling when her teacher took her to play. Since graduating from school last year, she has been working at a training center and learning different jobs about how to package and work in the supermarket.

Keira's partner, Teresa Keane met her when they played in a national bowling tournament in Dublin two years ago. Since then they have become great friends and great bowling partners.

When asked what sport she liked best, Keira grinned.

"Bowling!" she said with enthusiasm. She has been to at least 10 training sessions while preparing for the World Games.