U.S. Bowler Miles Morris Wins a Gold
By Ralulimi Mukovhe, 15, and Manwadu Rofhiwa, 17
Scholastic News Online Student Reporters, South Africa

Global Youth summit participant Ralulimi Mukovhe, 15, interviews gold medal winner Miles Morris after he competed in bowling.
June 23—Everyone in the world has a dream of success. This became a reality for Miles Morris, 48, when he successfully outclassed his opponents at a Special Olympics World Games bowling event.

Morris, born in a family of two brothers and three sisters, works at a workshop in America. He joined Special Olympics in 1988. Since he joined, his passion for bowling has flourished. His joy after his gold medal couldn't be hidden.

"Special Olympics are great and it makes me feel good," he told Scholastic News Online. "Everyone at home is going to praise me. I am so excited and don't know what to say."

During practice, he said he made many mistakes and was nervous about the competition.

"But here I am with the gold medal!" he said. "I am glad, because people accepted me the way I am and they don't even call me names."

Miles said he wished all the Special Olympics athletes good luck, with an added thanks to the spectators who cheered him on.