Achieving a Dream
By Jawdat El Hajj, 14, and Hiba Sami Hammoud, 16
Scholastic News Online Student Reporters, Lebanon

June 22—Rami Moustafa had a dream. When the 22-year-old left an orphanage and became involved in Special Olympics in 1997, he began to make that dream come true.

"My dream was to travel, to meet different people—people who appreciate me and who appreciate my capacities," Rami told Scholastic News Online. "Now this dream comes true with Special Olympics."

Rami is on the Lebanon soccer team. He also likes to play basketball and floor hockey, and participate in gymnastics. He began to travel with his Special Olympics team, meeting people of many different countries, races, and languages. In 1998, he went to Greece, then in 1999 to Syria. He participated in the 2000 Special Olympics World Games in Alaska, and has now traveled to Ireland. His ambition is to stay with his friends. He also looks forward to being a player on one of the most important teams in Special Olympics competition.