A Blonde Knight
By Susan El Mimi, 16, and Sura Talal Gbazal, 16
Scholastic News Student Reporter, Jordan

Sibille Carquillat celebrates after receiving her gold medal on June 25.
June 22—Blue sky, green land, and the singing of the birds. This is how we started our day of interviewing Special Olympics Knights on their beautiful horses.

We were first impressed by the fantastic creation of nature in Kill, Ireland, where the equestrian events were held. It made us envy the Irish people for their countryside and life.

When we wanted to interview, we didn't know who to choose. Then, a young, beautiful girl came with her coach. They welcomed us with excitement.

This young girl's name was Sibille Carquilot, 18, of Switzerland. Sibille has been a member of Switzerland's Special Olympics team since the year 2000 as an equestrian athlete. Although this is her first international competition, she said she is absolutely ready to compete with all the athletes.

When we asked Sibille about her feelings when she rides a horse, we were extremely impressed. "I feel confident," she said with pride and honor.

Sibille told us of her dream. It is very simple and beautiful. She wants her own horse. Sibille also said she would like to thank all the Irish people for their kindness and hospitality in hosting the 2003 Special Olympics World Games.