Sailing Athlete Goes for the Gold, in Life and Sport
By Jawdat Al Hajj 14, and Hiba Hammoud, 16
Scholastic News Online Student Reporters, Lebanon

Timothy Coogan finishes competing in Squibs Racing on June 24.
June 25—Tim Coogan lost track of his first sailing coach. After 10 years, he saw him one day while sailing.

"Now he is my coach again," Tim told Scholastic News Online. The man had been his coach since he was 5 years old. "Imagine my happiness!"

His coach is now back at his side, helping with the Special Olympics World Games in Dublin, Ireland. Sailing is his life, said the 34-year-old from the U.S. He works in a supermarket in the U.S. and has been involved in Special Olympics for 20 years. Although he also participates in power lifting, golf, volleyball, skiing, basketball, and bicycling, sailing is his favorite sport.

"While I am in the sea I feel afraid and excited," he said.

Tim is a Global Messenger for Special Olympics. Global Messengers travel the globe educating communities about the mission, philosophy, and benefits of Special Olympics.

"My ambitions are to win a gold medal and have my own apartment," he said.