Italian Basketball Players Slam Dunks at the Special Olympics
By Abdrahman Ali, 17, and Salah Hamed, 15
Scholastic News Student Reporters, Egypt

June 25—Vincenzo Tarantino is studying to be a gardener in Italy, but for now he is a basketball star for the Special Olympics World Games. The 35-year-old Italian talked to Scholastic News Online while preparing for his big match at the World Games in Dublin, Ireland.

"I have been participating in the Special Olympics for 15 years, but this is my first International Games," Vincenzo said.

The winner of multiple medals in his sport, Vincenzo also likes to listen to music, write poems, and play soccer.

"Special Olympics gives me the chance to have new friends, gain more experience, and to travel to other countries," Vincenzo said. "I wish to win more medals before the Olympics is over, and to be famous."