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In Washington State, an eighth-grade class canceled its class trip. Students decided to donate the money to victims of the tsunami in South Asia. In Georgia, a 14-year-old raised $400 selling her baked goods. Students in a Pennsylvania school that requires uniforms, held a Dress Down Day, charging $1 to wear street clothes for one day. A group of middle-school students in New Jersey marched through their lunchroom with donation buckets.

These are just a few of the creative ideas kids around the U.S. are using to help provide aide to tsunami victims. Is your school getting involved? Do you know people like these kids who are working to make a difference? If so, let us know!

Scholastic News Online will list as many fund-raising efforts as possible with the hope that publishing your ideas will inspire others to get involved.

E-mail us with your the name of your school or organization, and tell us how you are raising money to help tsunami victims. Check back soon to see how people responded.

Kids: Ask your parents or teachers for approval before you submit anything to us, and read our Privacy Policy Statement.

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