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0 Nations can become members of the UN by ____________.
a) starting a war
b) needing economic assistance
c) volunteering
d) none of the above
1 When was the UN organized?
a) after World War I
b) after the Civil War
c) after the Persian Gulf War
d) after World War II
2 What was the UN designed to do?
a) keep peace in the world
b) promote people's general welfare
c) support the liberties and rights of individuals
d) all of the above
3 What does the success of the UN depend on?
a) everybody agreeing with each other all the time
b) the willingness of members nations to cooperate
c) lots of money
d) a strong military
4 Which were the first countries invited to join the UN?
a) countries allied against the Axis Powers
b) only rich countries
c) all countries
d) none of the above
5 Which countries were part of the Axis Powers during World War II?
a) U.S., Russia, England
b) Germany, Japan, Italy
c) Germany, Russia, Italy
d) Russia, Spain, France
6 Where was the UN Conference on International Organization held??
a) Chicago, Illinois
b) London, England
c) San Francisco, California
d) Houston, Texas
7 The UN is primarily a/an ___________ organization.
a) economic
b) military
c) peacekeeping
d) legislative
8 The UN charter says the group will only intervene in ________ problems, never in the ________ problems of a country.
a) International, domestic
b) Domestic, military
c) Crucial, important
d) Economic, human rights
9 Which of the following is NOT a permanent member of the UN Security Council?
a) France
b) Russian Federation
c) China
d) Germany