Recommended Books

Samir and Yonatan by Daniella Carm
Samir, a Palestinian boy, awaits an operation in an Israeli hospital, trapped among the very people he blames for his brother's death. Yonatanm a vulnerable, bookish Israeli kid with a boundless imagination comes into his life and nothing is the same again. This is a story of violence and reconciliation, a story of enemies and friends. It is a searing "letter from the front" of the myriad conflicts in the Middle East.

This book dares readers to understand, and introduces memorably vivid characters who put a human face on a terrible struggle.
Grades 3–6
paperback. 160 pp.
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Scholastic Encyclopedia of the United States at War
by June A. English, Thomas D. Jones
A complete, full-color chronicle from the American Revolution through the Gulf War, with timelines, maps, eyewitness accounts, and more.
Grades 4–8
hardcover, 192 pp.
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NY Times: A Nation Challenged
A powerful and eye-filling photographic chronicle of the award-winning New York Times's coverage of 9/11 and its aftermath worldwide, including the war in Afghanistan In an unprecedented effort, The New York Times opens its picture archive of September 11th and the aftermath at home and abroad. The result is groundbreaking photojournalism punctuated with authoratative prose. Culled from both published and previously unpublished material, A Nation Challenged highlights the best work of the paper's award-winning staffers-the work that has made the Times the paper of record for these events.

With a foreword, afterword, and original background essays by writers such as Pulitzer Prize winner John Burns, N. R. Kleinfeld, Dan Barry, and Celestine Bohlen, readers will follow the stunning events of September 11th on the national and international stage. Special charts and graphics supply another level of clarity and understanding, while the brilliant photographs provide counterpoint and perspective to carefully chosen text.

With 250 full-color photographs, A Nation Challenged is the definitive volume for all who desire a comprehensive visual chronicle of this pivotal time in America's history.
Grades 3–8
hardcover, 96 pp.
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Decisions, Decisions 5.0 Building a Nation
Help your students make some of the most important decisions in history right in your classroom! Role-playing brings your curriculum to life! With each title in the Decisions, Decisions series, students role-play a decision-maker faced with a critical situation drawn right from your history or contemporary issues curriculum.

Your students not only acquire information, they learn how to use it.
Grades 5–10
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The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
by Melissa Whitcraft
This definitive book for middle school students is a wealth of knowledge about these Middle East rivers.
Grades 4–6
paperback, 64 pp.
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Getting the Most Out of Teaching with Newspapers
by Rebecca Olien
A must-have resource to get kids reading and learning from the newspaper! Lessons and activities help you introduce the parts of the paper, create a class newspaper, and use the paper to teach reading, writing, math, and more.

Includes reproducibles to use with any newspaper and Internet links.
Grades 3–5
paperback, 64 pp.
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TimeLiner Collection : CD-Rom + Teacher Workbook
Get a jump on integrating TimeLiner 5.0 into your Social Studies, Science, or Language Arts curriculum with the TimeLiner Collection. This includes TimeLiner 5.0, over 170 ready-made time lines, and the TimeLiner Workshop for Teachers book. Time lines have always been a popular, effective teaching tool. Now, with TimeLiner Workshop for Teachers and the TimeLiner software, you will be able to create time lines in no time.

Includes activities and lessons from teachers and students across the country.
Grades K–12
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O Jerusalem
by Jane Yolen
A stirring selection of poetry for young readers, written from the perspective of the Muslim, the Christian, and the Jew, reveals the profound religious significance of this "City of Peace" over the past 3,000 years. Jerusalem's holiness, history, and ageless appeal are further captured in accompanying illustrations, each a work of art.
Grades 2–6
paperback, 32 pp.
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Out of War
by Sara Cameron
The stories of nine Colombian teens demonstrate how brave kids set an example for peace in their country. Each is a member of the Children's Movement for Peace, and channels their anger at Colombia's widespread poverty and drug warfare into lessons in endurance for others.

Show your students what it means to give back to your community and inspire them to face adversity with courage.
Grades 6–9
hardcover, 224 pp.
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