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Talking About War

Teaching the Iraq Crisis
This Web site from Educators for Social Responsibility is packed with links, lesson plans, resources, and suggestions for how to discuss the war with Iraq in your classroom.


The Kurds' Story
PBS explains the relationship between the United States and the Kurds of northern Iraq. Includes interviews with key Kurdish leaders and senior American officials.

CIA-World Fact Book
View a map of Iraq, learn about the people, their land, government, and more.

Arab Net
This site from Arab Net contains information on the history, culture, and geography of Iraq. You'll also find great information regarding the Iraqi media.

Islam in the United States-Department of State
You'll find information about American Muslims, their lives, religious and social culture, and the major issues currently facing their community.

Muslim Muslim History
Visit this site to learn about the history of Muslim Heritage. View a Timeline which covers 1,000 years of history. Check out an Interactive Map, which shows monuments, discoveries, and more.

Learn about the birthplace of Islam and read about the Hajj, a Muslim pilgrimage to this holy city.

PBS interviews Muslims from around the world.

Introduction to Islam
Learn about Islam at this site from the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

The Islamic Calendar
See what an Islamic calendar looks like, and find out why you can't print one out in advance.

Hajj and Umra
You'll find information on the types of Hajj, the pillars of Hajj, the objective of Hajj and much more.

U.S. Military:
The United States Armed Forces for Kids
Visit this site to learn about the history of the U.S. armed forces. You'll also find information on basic training, and a glossary.

The U.S. Army
The official site for the United States Army.

Military History
This site from the U.S. Army Center of Military History contains a wide assortment of books, documents, photos, and artwork documenting the history of the U.S. Army.

The United States Navy
Visit the official Web site of the U.S. Navy.

The United States Coast Guard
The official site of the U.S. Coast Guard.

National Guard
Official site of the National Guard.

U.S. Marines
Official Web site of the United States Marines.

U.S. Air Force
Official site of the United States Air Force.