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Lesson 2: Where in the World Is Torino?
Goals: Students will research the geography of Torino and track the distances from other countries to this location.
Time Required: 45 minutes
Materials: Where in the World Is Torino? Student Reproducible 2, Special Bonus Issue of Scholastic News, pencil or pen, string, ruler

1. Ask students why Torino, Italy, is an appropriate location for the 2006 Olympic Winter Games (cold temperatures in February, mountainous area with snow in the winter, well-known ski area). Discuss how climate can make different cities better suited for hosting either summer or winter Olympics.

2. Explain that athletes and spectators will travel from all over the world to Torino, Italy, to take part in the Olympic Games. Ask students what else is needed in Torino, aside from a suitable climate, to make the Olympic Games possible (e.g., space to accommodate the athletes and spectators, facilities for the sporting events, ability and space to build new facilities if necessary, transportation, plenty of food).

3. Distribute copies of Where in the World Is Torino? Student Reproducible 2 (PDF) and read the directions aloud. Remind students to use online research to help them answer the questions.
(Answer Key, Part A: 1. Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Ligurian Sea; 2. France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia; 3. Rome; 4. Italian Alps; 5. Po, Dora Ripario, Stura di Lanzo)

Have students record in Part B of the reproducible how many time zones each athlete will cross to reach Torino.

Photos, left to right: © Rick Rickman/NewSport/NewSport/Corbis; © Joe Cavaretta/AP Wide World.