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Star Spotlight

Corbin Bleu made his TV series debut with the Discovery Kids show Flight 29 Down, and his fans were head-over-heels when he co-starred in the Disney Channel megahit TV movie High School Musical. Well, that was then—this is now! Corbin's current schedule is jam-packed. Flight 29 Down is back on the air, but there's plenty more—Corbin is in the recording studio putting the finishing touches on his debut CD due out sometime in the late winter of 2007; awaiting the January 2007 premiere of his new Disney Channel TV movie, Jump In!; and getting ready to head off to the location shoot of High School Musical 2! We recently caught up with Corbin and got the scoop on his future projects. Read on!

Corbin's advice on how to achieve your goals!

Q & A

Q: Have you finished filming Flight 21 Down?

Corbin: We might end up going back in to finish it up for a four-episode deal that would just get us off the island. But we don't know yet. Especially with schedules and things like that. I would really love to go back and be with my cast again and go back to Hawaii, which is beautiful. I would love it. It would be really cool to wrap up the show rather than just leave it open-ended.

Q: Are you working on your album now?

Corbin: Oh yes. I'm actually heading in later today. This week I'm in the studio Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Q: How many songs have you done so far?

Corbin: I've completed 14 songs. The process is interesting because you always record more than you really need. I'm going to record anywhere from 19 to 22 songs. Usually, only 12 or 14 [songs] go on the album.

Q: How do you pick the songs to record?

Corbin: Final say goes to Hollywood Records. Of course, I have a lot of input. They respect my opinions very much. They send me tons of songs and I go through all of them. Sometimes you will get the song and they'll say, "We want this in three days. We're recording this tomorrow." It's really last minute, so you never know what's going to happen. I'm always on the edge of my seat.

Q: Do you have a title yet?

Corbin: No. But I've been thinking about it. I think it should revolve around the fact that this album is a new side of me. I danced in High School Musical. But I didn't really have any songs where I was singing solo. So this will be the first time that the world actually gets to hear me sing.

Q: Have you seen Monique at Dancing with the Stars?

Corbin: Yes, I have. I went to the first shows and after that I got really busy with recording, but we still go. For one of the last shows, we had a total of 98 votes in our own house—between my cell phone, my sister's cell phone, my Mom's cell phone, and my Dad's cell phone, three house lines, and four accounts online. We are major supporters. She is working extremely hard. Her technique is incredible. She has incredible charisma. She just gets on stage and she performs!

Q: If you could pick a dream role, what character would you like to play?

Corbin: At one point, it was Russell Crowe's character in Cinderella Man. That role is incredible. I think, for me, Johnny Depp has always been the actor I've looked up to with the roles that he plays. I just want to find a lot of roles that are completely not me, like Johnny, and completely take hold of them. That's something that I would really like to accomplish. I would like to find characters that are a stretch for me and make them my own.

Q: Thanks so much, Corbin. Next time, we will talk to you about Jump In!

Corbin: That's a deal! Thanks so much.

—Interview by Marie Morreale


Corbin Bleu
(Photo: Courtesy of Grettel Cortes)


Star Calendar
November 21, 2006
American Music Awards

November 23, 2006
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City

November 26, 2006
Hollywood Christmas Parade

Winter 2007
Disney Channel's TV Movie, Jump In!

Watch for Corbin's debut CD

Star Stats
Name: Corbin Bleu
Nickname: Bleuman
Birthday: February 21, 1989
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 140 pounds
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown

Star Faves
Sport: Basketball
Actor: Johnny Depp
Singer: Prince
Car: Porsche Spider
Food: French fries
Drink: Lemonade
Candy: Twix
Sandwich: Sausage and peppers
Colors: Gold and black
Book: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Author: J.K. Rowling
Musical or Play: Wicked