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Star Spotlight

With a starring role in the WB series Summerland and the Disney Channel movie High School Musical, Zac Efron is one of the hottest stars in young Hollywood! We first spoke to him back in February, and we were overwhelmed with demands for more! So, we're giving you what you want—another interview with the talented teen! Read on to see what Zac had to say this time!

Does Zac prefer acting in movies or in live theater?

Q & A

Q: When did you first know that acting is what you wanted to do?

Zac: There was never really a point where I sat down and said I wanted to be an actor. It was a culmination of events that led me here.

Q: When you were on Summerland, was it hard for you to balance your real life with starring on a TV show?

Zac: It wasn't too difficult. I did it. I kept up my average, and when I was made a regular [cast member] for the second season, I did online school and took college courses to supplement the curriculum of my independent study program. I graduated six months early!

Q: Miracle Run was an incredible movie. How did you prepare for the role of Steven Morgan?

Zac: I was so happy to get that role! I read a book on autism called Thinking in Pictures. It is about how the world looks through [an autistic person's] eyes. I tried to think about how each scene would [look] through their eyes—that's something every actor does. You've got to look at a situation from their perspective.

Q: Did you have a lot of fun making High School Musical?

Zac: It was amazing! It was a dream to be able to sing, dance, play basketball, and act all in the same project.

Q: When we talked to Corbin Bleu, he said it was hard to learn some of those basketball moves.

Zac: Corbin and I started out in the exact same place with the basketball and by the end he looked pretty good. He was spinning it on his finger and doing all this crazy stuff.

Q: What was the best part of making the movie?

Zac: It's so different to be on the other side of these movies. You watch Grease and it's so magical—cars fly away and people are flying in a song and everyone knows the dance to the same song and it doesn't matter, because you are so into the movie at that point. You're just watching it and having the warmest feeling, you don't want the feeling to end! To be able to provide that feeling to other people is just amazing! I want people to watch it and think we accomplished that.

Q: You did a guest appearance on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Did the Sprouse twins wear you out?

Zac: They're good kids. They're cool. They've got a lot of energy. They're amazing at what they do and they're naturals.

Q: Why do you think High School Musical was so successful?

Zac: I think the Disney Channel does a good job of picking good kids and I think in our movie in particular, they picked a good cast. I give everyone in that movie credit and we didn't make it too over the top, which could have been a downfall. We made it more realistic, and I think it reached a larger audience and more people could relate.

Q: Do you play instruments?

Zac: A little bit of piano and I play the clarinet in band.

Q: Did you teach yourself how to play the piano?

Zac: I took piano lessons. I can now call myself one of those people that played piano and quit. I am just like everyone else. Even though I only played for a couple of years, it is what you take away from that—being able to sight-read music—is helpful all the time.

Q: Are you still working on restoring your grandfather's car?

Zac: That's absolutely true. We have a DeLorean in the garage and a '65 Mustang still at his house and we're trying to restore them, but we keep having minor setbacks. Once I get more time on my hands, I'll get back to restoring them.

—Interview by Marie Morreale


Zac Efron as Troy Bolton in High School Musical.
(Photo: Courtesy of Disney Channel)


Star Calendar
September 2006
Look for Zac in the TV movie, If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now airing on the FOX network.

Spring 2007
The sequel to High School Musical will air on the Disney Channel.

Star Stats
Full Name: Zachary David Alexander Efron
Birth Date: October 18, 1987
Birthplace: San Luis Obispo, California
Current Residence: Pismo Beach, California
Astro Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5' 10"
Sibling: a younger brother, Dylan
Pets: two Australian Shepherds named Dreamer and Puppy; a Siamese cat named Simon

Star Faves
Sports: surfing and skateboarding
Pastime: restoring old cars
Childhood Book: the Captain Underpants and Goosebumps series
Book: Busting Vegas by Ben Mezrich
School Subject: English