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Star Spotlight

Zoey 101, the hot Nickelodeon series, returns for a second year of adventures at the Pacific Coast Academy. A new year means different classes, new friends, and fresh plot twists adventures, and we got the scoop on all of it thanks to Victoria Justice, who plays Lola on the show. We asked Victoria about the show, what it's like to work with Jamie-Lynn Spears, and her new Hollywood life. Sit back, and read all about Victoria and Zoey 101.

There is no audio this week.

Q & A

Q: When did you know you wanted to be in show business?

Victoria: I was 8 years old, and was watching some kid on a commercial when I thought, "I want to be on TV." It looked easy, and fun, and I think every kid wants to be on TV.

Q: Did you always want to act?

Victoria: I don't think I ever said to my mom, "I want to act!" I just liked being funny and entertaining people. I was always putting on shows with my friends and my sister. After I told my mom I wanted to [act], she found an agent in South Beach. I booked my very first commercial audition that they sent me out on.

Q: You've worked a lot in South Beach. Is it a fun scene? Have you met any celebrities there while you are working?

Victoria: South Beach is absolutely beautiful, and so much fun! There are so many great restaurants, cool boutiques, and beautiful hotels. I have great memories of modeling on the beach, and then when I was done, my mom and I would go have dinner somewhere. It was great! As for meeting celebrities, I've never met any while I was working or otherwise. A lot of celebrities visit South Beach for the nightlife, but I'm a little too young for that.

Q: Now you live near Hollywood, California. What do you think of the West Coast?

Victoria: My favorite things about California are the mountains, Malibu, and the waves at the beach. Even before I was on Zoey, I loved the fact that when it came to acting, any kind of training you were interested in was available here—from improv to musical theater and everything in between. For TV and film, this is where it all happens. My least favorite things are earthquakes, spiders, and driving on steep, narrow roads in the mountains.

Q: You've done TV series and movies. Which do you like better?

Victoria: I like them both equally. TV production moves very fast, and movies are usually a little slower. What really matters most to me is the role, not whether it’s TV or film. Also, who I'm working with matters. I'm really lucky, because on Zoey I have very talented and fun cast-mates. There are also so many people in the crew that I've bonded with, and that I look forward to seeing. In film, I've met some wonderful actors, who I've been able to study up close, and watch how they prepare for certain scenes. Every project I've done, I walk away with new experiences, and new friends.

Q: Can you describe you character Lola, on Zoey 101?

Victoria: Lola is an aspiring actress who wants to win an Oscar by age 19. She has a really colorful, straight-out-of-Vogue fashion style that's reflected in her clothes and hairstyles. You get the feeling that she's very confident and focused on her goal. She doesn't seem to care what other people think of her. She's a little outrageous, but that seems to go along with the fact that she loves to act. She's actually very cool.

Q: Are you similar or dissimilar?

Victoria: We are similar in the fact that we both go to school, and we both love to act. I love clothes and dressing up as much as she does, but not for school. I would never wear heels to school. I would wear either Converse or boots.

Q: Tell us about something funny that has happened while you were filming the show.

Victoria: There is one time I can think of, which involves Matt Underwood [who plays Logan]. We all sit together at this round table in the cafeteria for lunch, and we laugh and talk about everything. A totally unsuspecting Matt started sipping his drink, and we all started laughing, because there was ranch dressing at the bottom of his glass. We all thought it was pretty funny, including Matt. As for who put it there, I'm not mentioning any names.

Q: Do you spend time off set with Jamie-Lynn or any of your other co-stars?

Victoria: A lot of us live far from each other, so it makes it difficult to get together. Jamie-Lynn goes back to Louisiana whenever she gets the chance, but I have spent a lot of time with Alexa, Matt, and Erin off set. It's harder now that I'm in school, and they are home-schooled.

Q: Are your friends mostly in show business?

Victoria: Right now, the kids I spend the most time with are my non-show business friends, who I see everyday at school.

Q: What qualities does a best friend have to have?

Victoria: Loyalty, honesty, and most of all, the ability to keep secrets.

—Interview by Marie Morreale


Victoria Justice
(Photo: Keith Munyan)


Star Calendar
Catch Victoria in new episodes of Zoey 101 Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Nickelodeon.

Star Stats
Name: Victoria Justice
Nickname: Vicky
Birth Date: February 19, 1993
Childhood Home: Hollywood, Florida
Current Residence: Hollywood, California
Siblings: a younger sister named Madison

Star Faves
Pastimes: karaoke, watching movies, reading a great book, and going swimming in a heated pool
Musicians: Alicia Keys, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Billy Joel, Mariah Carey, and Usher.
School Subject: English, because Victoria loves reading, creative writing, and spelling
Foods: prime rib, baked potato (with everything on it), and cream of spinach
Fast Food: Chicken Selects from McDonald's.
Movies: Meet The Parents and Ray
Actors: Jim Caviezel and Hilary Swank
Clothing Brands: Juicy Couture and Abercrombie & Fitch
Footwear: Converse sneakers or flip-flops