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Scholastic Kids Press Corps
Aaron Broder
Age 12, Tennessee

Aaron hopes to be either a game designer or an electrical engineer someday. He is interested in game designing because he says it would allow him to combine his love of writing with his love for video games.

In his free time, Aaron loves reading. He also admits that he's somewhat of a computer geek. "I spend some time learning more 'geekery,' if you will," he says.

Aaron is in the seventh grade at Martin Luther King Academic Magnet School in Nashville, Tennessee. He has two older brothers.

Favorite Subject: Algebra I
Book: the James Bond series and the Harry Potter series
Music: Queen and The Beatles
Extracurricular Activities: Quiz Bowl, Science Olympiads
Hobbies: reading, writing, playing fiddle, playing double bass, and playing video games

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Nashville, Tennessee
By Aaron Broder

Nashville, Tennessee—or Music City, U.S.A.—is most well known for its musical heritage. Many genres of music trace their roots back to Nashville, but the genre it is most famous for is country music.

The first time Nashville was called Music City, U.S.A. was when the Grand Ole Opry first began as a radio program. It broadcast some of the finest talent in country music. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Grand Ole Opry was formed into a performance hall and is now a tourist attraction. There is also a hotel, and until recently, a theme park called Opryland. The theme park was recently replaced by OpryMills, a shopping mall.

Nashville is also known for its unusual weather patterns. A lot of people around the country complain that they do not get to experience all four seasons. In Nashville, we experience all four seasons almost four times a year!

The people in Nashville are another one of its best features. The people who live here really help each other out.

Another thing that makes Nashville unique is something that means a lot to me. That is my school, Martin Luther King. Imagine a public school with high academic standards and a fun environment.

There are more things that make Nashville special but they actually seem kind of mundane when you compare them to everything else I've told you. The first one is that Nashville is the capital of Tennessee. That's right, my city is the center of most of Tennessee's political activity. Also, Nashville is home to the Coliseum where the NFL team, the Tennessee Titans, plays.