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Other Frequently Asked Questions
  Question What is the difference between the Stand-alone License and the Network License?  
  Answer The Stand-alone License is for a single computer with 40 users, and the Network License is for 200 users. Both versions are compatible for either Macintosh or Windows.
  Question What type of test results does SRI generate?  
  Answer SRI assesses a student's reading comprehension. After a student completes the test, the program will determine a reading level and provide a Lexile score, a grade performance score, percentile rank, stanine and a normal curve equivalent score. Any of these scores will help you assess your student's reading comprehension.
  Question What are Lexiles and how will they help my students?  
  Answer The Lexile Framework is a system that matches readers to text. Targeting readers to text enables students to practice reading strategies on materials they can understand. Targeted reading practice is essential for reading growth. SRI test results are actionable because teachers can guide instruction as well as book selection based on each student's test score.
  Question What is the difference between the two SRI versions, interactive and print?  

A computer is needed to run SRI interactive. SRI print is a consumable print product and does not need a computer to run.

In the interactive version the student will log onto the computer to take the test and the results will be automatically recorded and generated for the teacher to review. The test may be given more than once at no additional charge. Once the student is no longer using SRI, you may delete his/her records and enter a new student into the program.

The paper version is a consumable print product. It is a manual test where the teacher will need to grade each test after the student has completed it. The test is sold according to grade, in a pack of 30. The price depends on the grade level. Form A will be used for the pretest and if you are planning on testing again, you will need to purchase Form B.