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    SRI Print Version
Available in both English and Spanish!

SRI Print Version is the perfect tool for schools that require traditional paper reading assessment:

• Offers two alternative forms for pre- and post-testing.
• Provides a consistent whole-group test format for grades 1–12.
• Provides a Lexile measure, grade-level range correlation, and norm-referenced data.
• Authentic, text-based questions test comprehension, not just vocabulary.
• Answer keys let you score tests easily and quickly – no waiting for results!

  Each SRI package includes    


• 30 copies of the appropriate SRI test
• Teacher's Guide
• Take-home Book List
    How to Order:
SRI Print Prices range from $63.00-$78.00 per each level packet. For more information, please call toll-free 1-877-268-6871.
To order please call us at 1-877-268-6871