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You can forecast the weather. How? Become a sky detective. Learn to read the clues that hundreds of different kinds of clouds provide.

Start your quest by going to Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page at http://www.wildweather.com. Click on "Clouds." After you read the page, make a chart of types of clouds. It can look like Dan's chart.

How are clouds classified?

Write a recipe for making a cloud.

Click on "mpeg video loop" and watch the movie. How would you describe the movement of the clouds? Do they move and change shapes quickly? Why is that important to know?

Extension Activity
What would you ask a meteorologist — a weather scientist — about clouds? Return to the Home Page and click on "Ask Dan!" Type your question on the e-mail form and ask your teacher to check it. Then send it to Dan. (Remember to thank him for his help.)


Teacher's Notes