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Can you imagine what it was like during the Ice Age when much of the world's surface was covered in great ice sheets? To understand geological science and the development of landforms, we need to learn about glaciers. Grade Levels: 5–8


  • Learn about glaciers
  • Follow links within a Web site
  • Access photographs on a Web site
  • Use descriptive language

Time: 1–2 class sessions


  • Let's start our exploration at All About Glaciers. Explore the information by clicking on the links on the page. How is a glacier formed?
  • What are the different types of glaciers?

  • How are glaciers dangerous?

  • What does it mean to say a glacier is "retreating"?
  • You can find some photos of glaciers at
    Glacier Photos. Clicking on a photo lets you see a larger version.
  • Look at the photos, then click on the link at the bottom of the page for additional information. Write ten descriptive adjectives about glaciers based on the photos and the information you have learned.