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Genghis Khan

Who was Genghis Khan — history's greatest general, a murderous barbarian, or both? In this lesson, we will learn about Genghis Khan and about Mongolia in the time period in which he lived.

Read the biography of Genghis Khan at http://www.pinc.com/khan/khan.html. Then, make a time line of the major events in his life.

Print the map of Asia found at http://cliffie.nosc.mil/~NATLAS/atlas/Asia/Asia.gif. Using it and your time line, show the extent of Ghengis Khan's empire at its height. List the modern-day countries which were part of the Mongol empire below.

What was life like in Genghis Khan's empire? Read the information at http://www.asianart.com/mongolia/intro.html, then answer the questions below.

  • What was the traditional Mongolian way of life? How does that differ from your life?

  • What are the five animals that are important to the Mongolians? How do we know this?

  • Who was Mongolia's greatest artist? What is he most famous for?


Teacher's Notes