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Henry Hudson

In the 1600s, many European nations wanted new trade routes across the Americas to Asia, a northwest passage. The Dutch sent Henry Hudson, an Englishman, to find such a passage. He did find something but was it what he was looking for?

Before starting, study a world map. Trace the route Henry Hudson and others like him hoped to find.

Find http://odur.let.rug.nl/~usa/E/newnetherlands/nlxx.htm and scroll down to "Henry Hudson: An Englishman in Dutch Service." What was Hudson's goal? Why did he give it up?

Explore http://www.hudsonriver.com/halfmoonpress/stories/hudson.htm. Why was Hudson foiled in his attempts to find a quick way to the Spice islands?

Click on "Half Moon." What did the Dutch call this ship?

What river was named for Henry Hudson? What was his name for it?

Extension Activity

Pretend you sailed with Hudson. Write a journal entry for one week.

Teacher's Notes