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Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc has become a figure of legend, but she was also a real person: a young teenager in medieval France who believed she was on a mission for God to save her country and her king. Grade Levels: 5–8


  • Take this quiz to see how much you already know about Joan of Arc.
    1. Joan of Arc was also known as   
      a. Jeanne d'Arc   
      b. the Maid of Orleans   
      c. both of these

    2. She was the daughter of   
      a. a French king   
      b. an English knight   
      c. a farmer

    3. How old was Joan when she first heard saints talking to her?  
      a. 12   
      b. 13   
      c. 10

    4. At Orleans, Joan led the French to defeat the British.   
      a. true   
      b. false   
      c. She never went there.

    5. She was put on trial by the Church and tried for   
      a. lying   
      b. treason   
      c. witchcraft

    Now go to http://www.distinguishedwomen.com/biographies/joanarc.html to find the correct answers.

  • Most of what we know about Joan actually comes from the testimony at her trial. At http://members.aol.com/hywwebsite/private/
    , read what people from her own town of Domremy, France, said about her. What facts were offered in the trial to determine Joan's character? Next to each fact, write a conclusion about her character the testimony was meant to support.

Extension Activity

  • Go to http://www.distinguishedwomen.com and choose another famous woman to research. Read the biography provided, then search for other information about her in the Scholastic Web Guide. Create a multiple-choice or true/false quiz about her life.

Teacher's Notes