Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson was an inventor, a violinist, a farmer, a diplomat, an architect, an author, and the third president of the United States. Spend a day in the life of this talented man.
Grade Levels: 4–8


  • Before beginning, think about what you know of Thomas Jefferson. What would you consider his most important achievement?

    Go to

    • What important document did Thomas Jefferson write?

    • What university did he start?

    • What was the name of his plantation?

    • After attending the College of William and Mary, what did Jefferson do?


  • In the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson wrote that all men are created equal. Do you think that, as a slave owner, he practiced what he preached?

    Write in Jefferson's occupations during these years.






Learn more about Thomas Jefferson by spending a day in his life. Go to A Day in the Life at As you visit each of the sites about his life, take notes for use as background in an original story.

Extension Activity

Write a short fictional story about a child living at Monticello in Jefferson's time.

Kids Read This!
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Teacher Notes

  • Scan text for specific information
  • Creating a time line
  • Take a virtual tour of Monticello
  • Use first-hand notes to write historical fiction

Time: 1–3 class sessions