Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt was a first among First Ladies. She was more than just the President's wife. Her efforts on behalf of children, the oppressed, and the poor earned her the love of millions throughout the world. Grade Levels: 4–8






  • When her husband was President, Eleanor Roosevelt had a weekly radio program. At http://www-sul.stanford.edu/depts/ars/pryor.html you can hear a small portion of her program from December 7, 1941, the evening after Pearl Harbor was attacked and World War II was declared. Imagine you are living in 1941 and war has just been declared. What in this speech would be inspiring, reassuring, or help you to face your fears about war?

Extension Activity

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Teacher Notes

  • Learn about Eleanor Roosevelt's role as a champion for human rights
  • Use photographs and recordings as primary-source material
  • Understand that hyperlinks may take you to a different place on the Internet
  • Download an audio file from the Internet

Time: 1–2 class sessions