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George Washington

We all know about George Washington — or do we? Did you know, for example, that he dreamed of becoming a British officer?

To learn about the real George Washington, go to http://www.mountvernon.org/education/index.html. Click on "Biographical Information." Scroll down the page and take the true/false test. Based on what you found out from this quiz, what surprised you most about Washington? Write down your answers.

Hit the back button and click on "A Brief Biography of George Washington." How did George's brother Lawrence influence his life?

Click on "Next." How did Washington's life change after he married?

Click on "Next." Why do you think George Washington was chosen to be the commander in chief of the Continental Army? Why was he successful as commander in chief?

Why do you think George Washington wanted to live as a private citizen after the war?

It was said that Washington was ". . . first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen." What do you think is meant by this quote?

Extension Activity

Pretend you are George Washington. In the first person, write one chapter (no more than three pages) about your (his) life.

George Washington Teacher's Notes

Grade Levels: 5–8

Learning Objectives:

Time Required: 1–3 online periods