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Gray Wolf Fact Sheet

Gray wolf captured in Canada and taken to Yellowstone for release. Description
Not all gray wolves are gray! There are 32 subspecies -- or types — of gray wolves found in the world. They range in color from coal black to snowy white and all color variations in between. In appearance they look similar to German shepherds, but their legs are longer, their chests narrower, and their feet are bigger. Gray wolves come in different sizes. The combined head and body length ranges from 40 inches to over 60 inches. An adult gray wolf can weigh between 50 and 140 pounds.

In North America, gray wolves are found in fair numbers throughout Canada and Alaska and in much smaller numbers in a few northern states bordering Canada.

Gray wolves were once found throughout North America with the exception of the southeastern United States. They were destroyed in most of their range in the lower 48 states by trapping, poisoning, shooting, and destruction of critical habitat.

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