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Thanks to all the great Wild Animal Watch writers who sent in their best work for our writing competition in October and November of 1996. We think you did a great job. Here are your poems and stories — published in our wolf gallery so that all Scholastic members can enjoy them.

Congratulations to Miss Francis' class & Valerie L., our contest winners! Our judge, Terry Tempest Williams, also awarded Kevin K. a special honorable mention.

Grades 2-5 Grades 6-8
* Miss Francis' Class * Alison H. * Katie A.
* Mrs. Keller's Class * Dan L. * Kevin K.
* Mrs. Lovi's Class * Eric D. * Nick M.
* Beth J. Jamie H. * Steve C.
* Heather * Valerie L.

The Little Brave Wolf

by Miss Francis' Class
Second grade

Once upon a time there was a baby gray wolf called Lakota who liked to play. His mom's name was Stasha and his dad's name was Kamots. They loved their little Lakota. He looked just like his parents and enjoyed being near them.

Kamots was an alpha wolf and extremely brave. He loved to hunt and explore the wilderness. One day, Lakota climbed upon his dad's back to discover the beautiful land. Lakota held on very tightly, but suddenly slipped off Kamots' back. He rolled into a big hole full of mud and water. Kamots did not notice what had happened to Lakota. Kamots kept going.

Lakota howled for help and a woodpecker heard him. The woodpecker picked Lakota up out of the hole and put him down on a hill. The woodpecker thought Lakota was a bird. Lakota tumbled down the hill and fell down right back into the hole full of mud and water. As soon as Lakota landed in the hole he howled again. No one came to help, so Lakota climbed out of the hole using his sharp claws.

Once he was out he got lost trying to find his way home. But then he found his dad's footprints. He followed the footprints by smelling them. As he was following the footprints he heard a gunshot and he followed the sound.

Just then he saw a hunter in the woods. Behind the hunter he saw his dad. The hunter was aiming at his dad. So Lakota went right to the hunter and bit him. His dad was saved. Kamots and Lakota ran home and Stasha was cooking stew with rabbits, caribou and deer for dinner.

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The Wolf Kingdom

by Mrs. Keller's Class
Second grade

Once upon a time there lived a Wolf King and a Wolf Queen who had a little Wolf Princess. They lived in a castle on top of a mountain in the woods. They also had a Wolf Prince and a little Wolf Pup who was the Court Jester.

One day the King got very sick and no one knew what to do. And then worse things started to happen. The Princess Wolf was kidnapped by the Robber Wolf. He wanted to marry her because she was so pretty.

Unfortunately for the Robber Wolf, the King hired a farmer to find the Princess. The farmer talked it over with the Queen. He would not kill the Robber Wolf when he captured him. Instead he would make a trap that opened and closed. Once the wolf was in the trap, the farmer said that he would drop a net over the Robber Wolf and put him in a cage.

Prince Wolf helped the farmer by following the scent of Robber Wolf and watching for his tracks. Prince Wolf could hear mice under the snow so he could hear his sister, Princess Wolf, calling for help. They worked together and captured the Robber Wolf and the Princess was safe at last!

The Princess married the Leader Wolf named Alpha. He was cute, brave, strong and fast. His fur was soft and thick. They were married in a cave. Her dress was pink silk with lace on the edges. Her crown was gold with jewels and her shoes were periwinkle blue with diamonds on the toes. They went on a honeymoon cruise on a raft that landed in Hawaii.

Remember that the King Wolf had been sick. Well, Wolf Knights went to the Wolves' Walgreens and Wolfonol. The King felt better in ten days, as Doctor Dog had predicted. The Wolves lived happily ever after on the prairie near the woods.

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The Wolf's Quest

by Mrs. Lovi's Class
Second grade

Once upon a time a pack of wolves lived together in the wilderness. There were seven brothers and one sister who shared a den. They loved playing and hunting together. They were feeling very lonely, since they couldn't locate their mom.

One night, the youngest wolf started to dream about his mom. He remembered he would love to find her. He shared his wonderful dream with his brothers and sister.

The next day, they found some footprints that looked similar to their mother's. They hunted and hunted and found a gray wolf laying near a moose. The wolf had lost her strength and looked up when she heard the wolves cries. What a fabulous surprise to see her young. The strongest wolves killed the moose and they all enjoyed a fantastic feast and celebration!

When they all returned to their den, their mother told them where she had been and what had happened to her. She had gone to find food for the pups and a moose had chased her and chased her. Finally the moose bumped into her and hurt her. She had been so happy when the pups found her and they all had walked slowly home.

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A Poem About Wolves

by Beth J.
Third grade

Wolves, wolves, wolves are great
Their muzzles are so nice and straight.

Wolves are friendly and nice
but not when eating field mice.

Wolves can fight, wolves can bite,
but I bet they can't fly a kite.

Wolves prefer to eat fat mice,
but they can eat you for dinner tonight.

Even though those lines do rhyme,
wolves most often are very kind.

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The Big Bad Man

by Alison H.
Sixth grade

You see the powerful, graceful, wolf running,
It seems so innocent, so enchanting,
You hear the gun shot go off,
You see the wolf drop like a fly,
You smell the gunpowder,
You feel the same pain the wolf feels,
And suddenly you remember the myth of the big bad wolf,
But it is never the big bad wolf,
It is always the big bad man!

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The Actual Truth

by Dan L.
Sixth grade

Notice how the wolf runs so swiftly
people look beyond that only notice their teeth,
but I notice their thick fur
and their big feet.
Look at the wolf so large and black
people think it is going to attack.
It is actually friendly
if you can believe it is afraid of us.
Still some people insist
that it is really harmful.
What I think and people think
are two different things.

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by Eric D.
Sixth grade

Wolves are graceful and beautiful
They run with the greatest of ease
Then men come, destroy them and their home
And they associate them with the devil
But they're wonderful and great
We come and destroy their home
Kill them off without a care
Not thinking what it will do
It throws the ecosystem off balance
Even when we are told we ignore it
We still don't care
Why? Why?
Why do we want this to happen
When they are all gone
Maybe, maybe they will finally realize
How important they are to our ecosystem
Maybe then we'll want them back
But then it will be too late
Too late to see its beauty
Too late to see its wonderful grace
It shall be gone forever.

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You See the Wolf

by Jamie H.
Sixth grade

You see the wolf now
colder than the frozen river
so dense, and white
the fur on its back stand

You see the wolf in the frozen river
Drinking the cold, cold water
and eating the leftovers from the

You see the wolf no more
where, where did it go?

Now you don't see
the wolf anymore, anymore.

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Wolves of Yellowstone

by Heather
Sixth grade

We are wolves
We like to run wild and free
We live in packs
When our range is full we send relatives away
We ran wild and free until humans came from distant lands
Then for awhile we almost became extinct
We lived in Alaska for the longest time
We could not come back to our territories
Now some humans are begging to let us come back
Now we may run free as in the beginning
This time humans can enjoy us and the things we do
We're glad we may run free again
We hope you are too!

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The Wolf

by Katie A.
Sixth grade

See the wolf
Gray and brown,
So cold

See the wolf
Drinking cold water,
Hunting for food

See the wolf
Eating now,
Lost in the cold night

You see the wolf
No more,
Where did it go?

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The Wolf in the Woods

by Kevin K.
Sixth grade

Chapter 1 - My Birth and the Panther

I was born in early April. The sun was about halfway to the highest point it reaches in a day. I could only feel the rays, I can't see yet. I could feel my brothers and sisters, who were bumping into me. I finally could open my eyes. My mother gave me my name, "you will be Sword, your two sisters will be Brady, and Vixie. Your brother will be Pawnee."

My mother, Kylie, was telling me this because I was the first to open my eyes, and the others were sleeping. My father's name is Jet. He is the Alpha dog, along with my mother. He and the other wolves were out in a hunt. Tracks, another wolf mother, just had her babies. Her cubs were Eddy, a male, Jaws, a male, Felix, a female, and Tulip, another female that came from the "Great White" pack a few months ago. She was pregnant at the time. Our leader is my father, Jet. Next is my mother, Kylie. The third rank is Felix. And forth rank is Cross-up. We have a scapegoat. My father says not to go near him. His name is Quily.

The following day, 7 in the morning. . . .

The rest of our pack was out on a hunt for rabbits and deer. I went out behind a few trees and went doo-doo. Then returned. I started wrestling with Pawnee. We fought for a while, then I pinned him for the win. Suddenly our baby-sitter, Swommy, a sore (as in lots of injuries) female wolf paraded us into the den. The reason was because a panther was stalking and lurking behind a row of trees.

The panther eventually left when my father and the others returned. They had been howling over the kill. About half our pack came back to get the rest of us. My parents and Felix were guarding the hunt. I followed the rest of the pups. I was getting hungry. We reached the doe that Felix and my father killed. After my father and my mother took their share, it was our turn. We dug in. We were behind a huge row of trees that were between us and the "Great Tide River." My father led us to the water when suddenly the panther attacked my father from behind.

"Yip, Yip," I chirped to the others.

"Yip," the others joined in.

The others came running over to us. Quily and Worm, male wolves of our pack, were guarding us. The others fought the panther. Finally the panther left.

Everyone started licking and nudging my father. His only injury was that a patch of fur was gone on the left front heel where the panther scratched him. We were preparing for the rain that following morning. We improved our two caves by putting more rocks near the entrance.

Even the pups and I had a job. We had to tear grass from the shore that was near the "Great Tide River". Then Worm and Quily would stick it in the hole that was at the south side. We will cover the hole because we will use the hole for a secret get-away. We disguised it to look like a pile of grass.

Chapter 2 - Helicopter Kills Pawnee

It was about sunset when Worm, the new Alpha Wolf and his mate Astro, were backing me away from the kill, which was a deer. Suddenly the pack ran towards the row of trees near the river. I didn't know what was going on. Suddenly a helicopter fired a harpoon type weapon at me and it missed by a few feet. It chased me in the other direction. I dove down a hill.

The snow bounces about me. I dove into a cave where I found a cave. Suddenly out of nowhere Pawnee jumped out at me. I could tell he was mad at me and he followed me. We started wrestling. I ended up beating him. He was on his back and I was standing over him. I saw the helicopter return. It came swooping down at us. Pawnee got scared and bumped into my leg. We started sliding down the hill and he looked at me as if to ask me to go without him.

I had hurt his leg in the fight so he couldn't run. He looked at me as if to tell me to go without him. I wrapped him up in my legs, fell to my side, and rolled down the hill.

The helicopter missed us by a few feet. We reached the bottom of the hill. He looked at me and then started to fight me again. We then started circling each other. Suddenly Pawnee jumped towards me. I fell to the ground hoping that he would jump right past me. The helicopter shot and the shot hit Pawnee right in the middle of the back. I knew the shot was intended for me. I took off running. The helicopter started to land near Pawnee. I reached the cave I had met Pawnee at.

The helicopter left without taking Pawnee. I ran back and covered him with snow and brush. I didn't leave my markings or scent behind. I knew the pack would find out soon and I didn't want them to know I was involved with his death today.

I couldn't find the pack so I waited until nighttime. I would howl for help. I was lonely. The night finally came.

Chapter 3 - The Lucky Night

It was finally nightfall. I howled in hopes that there was someone there. I howled a fourth time when I got an answer. The howl was faint and I knew that the wolf that was howling back to me had to be at least 5 miles away. So I ran down the mountain that I was howling on. I sprinted forward. I ran about 3 miles when I found three wolf pups sitting near a ledge.

I smelled them. I could tell that they had only been with each other's for a long time because the only scent on one another was each other's scent. I regurgitated my last meal. They ate it, then they pointed their paws in the direction they thought their mother was. So I made them go to sleep in a near by cave. I traveled about a mile and found their mother. I didn't approach her. Instead, I went back and got the pups. We headed in their mother's direction. At dawn we reached her.

Chapter 4 - A New Family

The mother thanked me and accepted me. I knew we wouldn't last long. Her name was Honicca. Honicca and I took the pups to a den where she had two other pups when we arrived. We slept there. Then in the morning we met with another lonely wolf. It was Worm! He led us to the last location of my original pack. They had only traveled a mile. We caught up with them and all of us became a family. We had tons of pups, but all was well. The pack forgave me for the death of Pawnee. Honicca and I eventually became the Alpha Pair. It took two full moons, but we made it. THE END

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by Nick M.
Sixth grade

Wolves wild
not a pet for a child

strong hardly

wolves fight
full of might

hairy kind
of scary

wolves long live
the wolf

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Wolves Are Beautiful

by Steve C.
Sixth grade

Look do you see that it is a wolf far away,
Do you see how they glide through the trees so briskly
and quietly.
They are beautiful.

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Can You Hear It?

by Valerie L.
Sixth grade

'Can you hear it. . . .'

Shhhh. . . be very still, be very quiet. . . Can you hear it? The quiet howl of a wolf from a distance, you hear it now but yet it is strange, the wolf may be gone or disappear in a decade or so. . . .

Shhhh. . .don't make a sound, don't move a muscle. . .Do you hear it? The whimper of wolf pups from a distance. . . but yet it is odd the pups may be dead in a matter of minutes. . . .

Shhhh. . . be very still, don't move a muscle, be very quiet, don't make a sound. . . Can you hear it? There's nothing at all. . . no howl nor whimper at all, no tumbling puppies or hunting wolves. There are no more, nothing at all. . . .

Shhhh. . . . Can you here it? A gunshot goes off. . .A whimper is heard, as the last wolf falls, we realize at last all of the wolves are gone, and they cried 'help' to us through their howls, and pleaded with us through their whimpers, and we had shut them out. . . .

'Can you hear it?'
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