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Field Journal: Gray Wolves of Yellowstone


Yellow Mike Friday, October 4, 1996

Radio-collars for the pups
Reported by Mike Phillips

We're now ready to release five wolves of the Soda Butte pack on Monday — three adults and two pups. Yesterday we attached radio-collars to the two pups. The three adults were already radio-collared. We left park headquarters at 9:00 a.m. and arrived at the marina at 10:15 a.m. The boat left the dock at 10:30. Everyone fit aboard and I got a good seat. The ride across Yellowstone Lake took about two hours. From there we walked 15 minutes to the pen.

When we got to the wolf pen all the animals were fine. We quickly caught the two pups and took them to a quiet place in order to attach the radio-collar and give them one last health inspection. While we did this the adults paced nervously around the inside of the pen. Each time I see the wolves I am reminded about how much they dislike and fear people. It is because of this that they are not a threat to our safety.

The pups were in great shape and weighed almost 50 lbs. By the time they are completely grown they will weigh about 100 lbs! I can imagine that the adults were happy when we put the pups back in the pen. We will leave the wolves alone for the next few days. I'm looking forward to setting them free. I know that will make them happy!

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