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Yellow Mike Monday, October 7, 1996

Phone calls and paperwork
Reported by Mike Phillips

Friday, I spent all day in the office. I restocked our equipment kits after the visit to the acclimation pen and answered phone calls. We used syringes to give the pups vaccinations and I put new disposable syringes in the kits for next time. The radio-collars we put on the wolves weighed about half a pound and the batteries should last for three years.

Later in the day I worked on a presentation I'm going to give at a wolf meeting in Albany, New York, during November. This meeting is being organized by the Defenders of the Wildlife and more than 500 people will attend. I should do OK if I prepare in advance and practice my talk. I will give a report about the progress of the wolf restoration in Yellowstone. (The population is now 52 in 7 packs. Forty are free-ranging and 12 are in acclimation pens.) Other people will report on the red wolves and the Mexican wolves. Conferences give us a chance to meet with colleagues, zoo professionals, and people who love wolves.

I also spent a lot of time on the phone. When I'm in the office I spend a lot of my time talking to journalists that are writing stories about the wolves. Many magazines and newspapers have written stories about the wolves. I am pleased with their interest because I know it is the stories they write that keep the American public informed about the wolves. But I don't much like talking on the telephone. I would rather be in the field watching the wolves. Oh well, some days are more fun than others.

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