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A Billion Stars

By: Christiane V.
California, Age 9

The Billion Stars
Christiane V

Chapter 1

Allie lived with her mom and dog, Callie, in New York City.
It was a very busy town and at night you couldnĂt see much in the sky.

At AllieĂs school, it was almost summer vacation. She was very excited.

˘Where are you going during summer?÷ her friend asked.
˘IĂm going to the Grand Canyon again to see grandma.÷ Allie said.
˘Cool! IĂm going well, just here.÷ Her friend answered.
˘To bad. I have to go now. Bye!÷
˘Bye!÷ her friend said.

Chapter 2


˘Mom itĂs summer vacation and you know what that means!÷ Allie said excitedly.
˘Grandma. Are you sure you want to go with just Callie?÷ Mom asked.
˘Yes. SheĂs my best friend in the world.÷ Allie said.
˘Thank you! Let me go pack.÷ Allie answered.
Chapter 3

Allie didnĂt pack much. Just some clothes, toothpaste, tooth brush, dog stuff for Callie, hat, playing cards, and some stationary, stamps, envelopes, to write to mom.

Allie was on the plane with Callie. It took a while to get there but she did. Grandma Kate was waiting for her at the terminal.

They drove home. Grandma showed her the room she would be staying in for the whole summer. She unpacked and put her clothes away. Her room was where her mom used to live. She had a nice room.

When they were done, they had a long talk about her life. They talked about school, the house, Callie, and her life.

Right after, they went out and got some ice cream. They brought Callie with them since she absolutely loves ice cream.
But when they got the ice cream, she wasnĂt begging like she always did. She was just sitting down and looking tired.

When we got home, we called a vet. They said she had the flu. It would take a long time to cure Callie so we drove her to the vet.

Chapter 4
The vet said, ˘Your dog is dying. Since sheĂs a pug, sheĂs not breathing so well. Her heart isnĂt getting enough oxygen.÷

˘Is she going to be okay?÷ I asked.
˘I donĂt think so.÷

As they left the clinic, Allie was crying. Her Grandma said it was going to be okay. Allie was thinking it wasnĂt. But all Allie had to do now was to have hope Callie was going to be all right.

Chapter 5

The next afternoon, Grandma Kate and Allie went to the clinic.
They went to see Callie. Callie wasnĂt looking so well. She looked very sad. That wasnĂt a good sign. Hey went home.
Allie was frustrated. She bursted into tears. She didnĂt have any hope. Well, she thought she didnĂt have any hope. But was there?

At night, the phone rang and it was the veterinarian. When Grandma hanged up, she was disappointed. She looked like it.
˘Grandma? Are you okay?÷ I asked.
˘Sweetie, I need to tell you something. CallieÓ sheÓ is sleeping now. IĂm so sorry.÷

This couldnĂt be. It just couldnĂt. Was Callie dreaming?
Callie was crying and just ran outside to the backyard. Grandma wanted to leave Allie alone for a while.

Allie just completely fell on her back on the grass. It was very warm and it was soothing to Allie.
When it was very quiet, she heard crickets. She had never heard them before. It was amazing to her.
But, something even better happened. She looked up in the sky and saw millions, even billions of stars. It reminded her of Callie. Not bad time, good times.

Grandma Kate shut the screen door and went to Allie and said, ˘ThereĂs more to life that death, and thereĂs more to death than life.÷
Then, she left.
˘What did that mean÷ she wondered.

Chapter 6
Allie wrote a letter to her mom that said,

Dear Mom,
Callie is now sleeping peacefully. I wish this never happened! But, it did. I know itĂs not anyoneĂs fault but it seems itĂs my fault. IĂm trying to deny it but it always seems right that it is my fault.
I had a nice trip but except that part. Grandma and me are getting to know each other more and more everyday. You had a nice room when you were a kid. ItĂs very big. ThatĂs the room I stayed in.
Callie Hamburt
At the end of the vacation, Allie now accepted CallieĂs death. She no understood what Grandma said. Be happy and be thankful for what you have and had.
Allie went home. She was happy and always sticks to what grandma said.